Hi, my name is Aaron Leonard founder of GoECO and OCEANERA.
I started GoECO as a dropship company back in November 2020 for the Student Enterprise Competition selling a range of compostable phone cases. From there it grew and so did our sales and social media following!
I always had the passion and idea to go into sustainable clothing and that is how OCEANERA was born with the profits that we built from GoECO I wasted no time in risking it all for the clothing brand!
Luckily it really payed off with a lot of hard work and late nights! We have dropped a few of the original GoECO products have have new ones on the way! Now under accessories on the oceanera.ie website.
This is a ever growing business with a ever growing community and I plan to become the Worlds 1st huge competitor to the well known fast fashion industry.
OCEANERA began as a Sister Company to GoECO.