That’s wrap on 2021, what a crazy and unpredictable year for Oceanera.
From phone cases to hoodies, thinking back the expansion of the business is thanks to every single person who has shared, supported and purchased from us in 2021.
With huge and exciting developments in the works for 2022 I can’t wait to bring every single supporter of the movement with me on this fast moving journey.
This time last year the business was made up of 5 compostable phone cases, a laptop and a big idea and vision.
I would like to thank the amazing support I have received from @goreycommunityschool, Mr.Finn and Ms.Nangle in particular, for not only supporting but believing in me and the business. Also Brendan Cullen Photography. 
The amazing work that Brendan has done for the brand brought the website to a new level.
Also a special mention to: 
Louise Stafford 
Noreen Stafford 
Niamh Stafford 
Karl Flemming 
Julie Flemming 
Paul Leonard
As I close for the 1st time ever (don’t worry its only for 4 days) over Christmas, I have so much to be grateful for and to reflect on.
With the highs and the lows, the great and the not so great moments, the late nights and early starts. I have loved every second of the journey.
Here is to 2022.🎉😊